Tips&Tricks to reload your skin

Published the 19.06.2017

To everything there’s a season, and to every skin type there is a face mask! But, which mask is right for your skin type? There are a number of challenging questions for you to answer when choosing the right mask:

  • Do I need exfoliation?
  • Will this mask leave my skin dry or will it exacerbate my oiliness?
  • Can I sleep in this mask?

Let’s begin by first sorting out the reasons why you need a face mask, when you should use one, and how to apply.

Why should I use a face mask?

Everyone needs a little extended tender love and care, and it’s no different for your skin. Going through a normal  skin care routine  is great, and really should be the default, but some days you just need to kick it up a notch. A mask is meant just for this, as it is meant to sit on the skin for a period of time before being cleansed off.

When should I use a face mask?

Two to three times a week when you have the time, and we can already anticipate many of you saying, “Time for pampering? I barely have time to myself!” Here’s a solution:  Mask while you multitask! First make sure the mask is thick enough so that it won’t drip when you’re looking down or moving about, then get to work.

How do I use a face mask?

Just set it and for -- Wait, wrong thing. Actually, using a face mask is nearly that easy! First thing’s first, you’ll want to give your face a thorough cleansing. Why’s that? Well besides the obvious function of getting the dirt and grime off your face, you’re providing more surface area of the skin for the mask to be in contact with, which means more bang for your buck!

You will want to put one to two dime-sized amounts of mask into your hand and then spread a thin layer of the mask onto your face using the tips of your fingers. Leave this on for 10 to 15 minutes, or as directed on the mask, and then wipe away with disposable cotton squares if available, or a clean towel.

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